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I'm British, born in 1970, am married to Catherine and have two cats (Megan and Willem). We live south-east of Cambridge, in what I tend to call the Suffolk Borders, but is really Essex. I work in IT as a manager (but Linux user nonetheless!) - I've recently finished a part-time MBA with the Open University - but I used to be a software engineer, mainly Java, some Perl, some databases, with a particular interest in security. Before that, I read English and Theology at King's College, Cambridge, where I also sang in the choir.

I go by the nick "MikeCamel" for the simple reason that way back in the mists of time (1995, I think), when I was first getting into Perl, I joined a chat where there was already a "Mike" listed, so had to pick another name. The "Camel" seemed an appropriate way of signalling my Perl allegiances, so I've used it ever since. For more information on me, see MikeCamel on slashdot, MikeCamel on Advogato, or my homepage. I'll be adding a little more information about myself here at some point. It was, as it happens, the trust and moderation systems on slashdot and Advogato that got me interested in this field in the first place.

PhD update

I'm currently planning a PhD, and am hoping to do it with Cambridge University, where I took my first degree (English part I, and Theology part II - see above). I've a got a couple of excellent possible supervisors, and I'm trying to put together a proposal. It's a bit odd, coming to it all cold, as it were, but I'm getting there. I think that funding's going to be the major issue - updates as they come. I intend to publish my proposal here at some point - we'll see how it goes. Working title is "Trust models in massively distributed peer-to-peer systems" - you'll probably find more about it elsewhere on this site.

home : about : p2p : security : technology : trust

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