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This site is intended to act as a collection point for information on issues of trust - in particular for peer to peer (p2p) systems. I'm interested in the community and sociological issues, as well as the technical issues, and will be creating various areas of the site as information comes in. I'm interested to hear from anyone with relevant information.

The site is pretty bare at the moment, because although it's been going for a while now, I work full-time, and I'm typically only adding information when I get the time to do some relevant reading.

I've started to writing, with a couple of mini-essays (in the trust section), there's a bibliography of material I've read, and a reading list of materials I've not yet had a chance to digest. For more information on me, see the about Mike page. The trust section is always likely to be the most interesting, as that's the basis for my interest in the field.

home : about : p2p : security : technology : trust

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